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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Rolling Thunder MC member hit by pickup truck

Henderson, KY (May 24, 2023) - A member of the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club, was hit by a pickup truck and sent to the hospital, according to witnesses. According to the president of the chapter, Tim Centers, the crash happened while en route to crossing the blue bridge into Indiana.

Tim Centers witnessed a pickup truck run a red light at the intersection of 4th and J.R. Miller Blvd in Owensboro. 73-year-old Boots Alton Edwards was hit by the pickup in the intersection. 

Witnesses say several members had to swerve to avoid getting hit. Edwards was taken to Owensboro Regional Health for injuries to his chest, arms, and hands. Edwards is a Navy veteran. 

The president of the Kentucky Rolling Thunder chapter, Jim De-Armond, says ten members were in the motorcycle convoy. He said Edwards is expected to recover and soon be released from the hospital.

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